Free Traffic Generation Using Wikipedia

stress-symptomer-4Are you looking for a way to increase your website traffic for free? There are loads of free traffic generation methods widely available.

Most of the free methods produce the same results as paid traffic generation methods. 

However, free methods require hard work and don’t produce the results immediately, but are guaranteed to work to increase website traffic generation.

One method anyone can make use of is the World Wide Web’s most visited online encyclopedia known as Wikipedia.

Wikipedia may not seem to be an obvious choice for free traffic method. In fact, it is a free traffic strategy that allows great exposure to the mainstream.4747a8d6-2e2d-4b69-9c10-0c2f89b1ba15-large16x9_wikipedia

“Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation.” –

If you are looking for information regarding a certain topic, Wikipedia is the best online encyclopedia to go visit that will give you the exact details and all other information you may not know about a certain topic.

If in case there is any missing info on the topic you can add what you think is missing which is unknowingly a free traffic strategy.

There is a place on Wikipedia for editing and adding links to your website which is considered a free traffic strategy. This strategy not only keeps people up to date regarding info on Wikipedia’s pages but this aids in advertising your website.

There a few steps in this strategy which is as follows:

First step is to find appropriate encyclopedia entries regarding your subject matter.wikipedia

Second is to read through the entire entry to ensure it is what & where you want to add your website. If appropriate indeed, go to the comment section. Add the links to your website then click on add comment and you are done with this strategy. After adding the comment it would lead you to the original page.

There you have it a traffic generation strategy to get a link to your website on the most visited online encyclopedia – Wikipedia.

This is just one method you can make use of among all the other traffic generation methods. A method guaranteed to produce effective increased website traffic.

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